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St. Paul Lutheran Church
What are the main goals/purposes of Christian Service?
    Christian Service is in place to share the love of Christ through helping to meet     the physical needs of people, particularly during time of illness or any hardship. 

How does this ministry fulfill God's will?
    God’s Word tells us we are to love our neighbor as ourselves (Leviticus 19:18;     Luke 10:27). Working to help people in time of need, we serve the Lord by     serving our neighbor. 

How does the Board of Christian Service meet the needs of the congregation and the surrounding community?
    We are able to help people with unmet expenses. We start by helping those     within the congregation, but also reach out to the people in our community. We     have provided gift certificates for food and gas, assisted with medical bills and     housing expenses.

What talents or abilities do we look for in potential members of Christian Service?
    We look for people who are compassionate and caring to the people around     them, for people who are good at making connections with others.

When and where does Christian Service meet?
    We meet every couple months, depending on the assistance we have been     receiving requests for. When we do meet, it is generally around 5:30 p.m.

What projects are we currently working on for Christian Service?
    We currently strive to meet a need when it is presented to us.

How does this ministry fulfill the mission of St. Paul Lutheran Church?
    Christian Service really works to fulfill the part of our mission which states that     we will extend a helping hand to human need.
 St. Paul Board of Christian Service