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St. Paul Lutheran Church
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What are the main goals/purposes of the Endowment Funds Board?
    The Endowment Funds Board aims to promote the use of endowment funds for     God's ministry, encourage donations to the fund, to invest in new funds, manage     the fund account, and to oversee the investments of St. Paul Lutheran Church.

How does this ministry fulfill God's will?
    The Endowment Board works diligently to assure that any withdrawals from our     funds would be used to further the Kingdom of God here on Earth.  All of our     funds are used to His glory and carry out His will for St. Paul.

How does the Board meet the needs of the congregation and the surrounding community?
    The St. Paul's Endowment Board serves as a tool and service for the other     ministries at St. Paul's.  We are able to finance many of the activities and     outreach events that take place through our congregation.  Through the     funds that we collect, manage, and provide, we are able to sustain all of God's     work that is being accomplished through our church both in our building and in     the surrounding area.

What talents or abilities do we look for in potential members of the Endowment Board?
    If you have a passion to support God's work at St. Paul, we would love to have     you on our team!  Members of the Endowment Board need to be able to have     simple math skills and an understanding of the investment markets.  Contact     the church office or come visit one of our meetings if you are interested!

When and where does the Endowment Board meet?
    The Endowment Board of St. Paul meets quarterly to review special reports and      calls special meetings to address donations and reinvestment requirements.      Meetings are located either at the church or the home of one of our board     members.  If you are interested in the time and location of our next meeting,     please contact the church and we will respond promptly!

What projects are the Endowment Board currently working on?
    The board is always looking for opportunities to improve our investments and     use those investments to the glory of God.  We have recently diversified our     stock market investment and reinvested a low yielding savings account into a     higher yielding account.  We also create our quarterly report so that it can be     made accessible to all members of the congregation.

How does this ministry fulfill the mission of St. Paul Lutheran Church?
    The Endowment Board continuously works to provide the ministries of St.     Paul with proper funds to operate.  We provide funds for facility updates and set     aside our collected interest for various church operations.  This fund not only     supports the operation of the ministries of St. Paul Lutheran Church, but it also     operates in a sustainable manner in order to allow for the mission of St. Paul to     be carried out for years to come.
 St. Paul Endowment Funds Board