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St. Paul Lutheran Church
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 Lutheran Youth Fellowship (Youth Group)
What are the main goals/purposes of the LYF?
    The Lutheran Youth Fellowship provides opportunities for young people to grow     their faith in Jesus Christ!  LYF is committed to empowering youth to use their     gifts and energies to serve His people as they share their faith in Jesus Christ.

How does this ministry fulfill God's will?
    It is a great blessing and opportunity for congregations to support and love     young people in Christ as they learn about God’s plans for them and also     encourage them in times of celebration and life’s challenges.

How does the LYF meet the needs of the congregation and the surrounding community?
    Lutheran Youth Fellowship ministry supports parents, church members and     church leaders as they encourage young people in their faith development and     understanding of God’s love found in Christ alone. We also help youth realize     their great capacity for learning, caring for others in their community and     understanding how their Christian faith intersects with their daily lives. 

What talents or abilities do we look for in potential members of the LYF?
    We welcome all youth in grades 7-12!  We encourage members to reflect the     Fruits of the Spirit in their actions: Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness,     Goodness, Self-Control, Gentleness and Faithfulness (Gal. 5:22).

    We look for volunteers who have Strong Faith, Fervent Love, and a desire to     Help Young People Grow in the Faith so that we can create a context where     people are talking, thinking and acting positively with regard to ministry with     youth.

When and where does the Lutheran Youth Fellowship meet?
    LYF Meets two Wednesday nights per month at Lutheran Interparish School     (LIS) from September through May from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. Dates will be preset.     The evening will consist of dinner, devotions, fun and fellowship. Usually some     type of game or activity is played. Once-a-month meetings will be on Sunday     nights at 6:00 with dinner and a special project or maybe an outing depending on     the season. Ideas are welcomed! This would be a good way to get the younger     kids excited and for those that can’t attend on Wednesday nights a chance to     come.

What projects are the LYF currently working on?
    We are constantly looking for ways to enhance our weekly meetings.  The     National Youth Gathering is an event that we attend every three years in     which students are provided with an opportunity to unite with students from     across the nation in a wonderful worship, learning, and cultural experience!

How does this ministry fulfill the mission of St. Paul Lutheran Church?
    The youth are an integral part of our church. It is the purpose of our     congregation to give honor and glory to God, to carry out His will, to assist in     preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ to all the world, to foster Christian     fellowship and love and to achieve this for all of its members. St. Paul Lutheran     youth ministry leads, serves, supports, and networks youth and adults as a     community of God’s people where Jesus Christ is the central focus.