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St. Paul Lutheran Church
 Board of Stewardship
What are the main goals/purposes of Stewardship?
    The Stewardship Board monitors and accounts for the offerings that are     collected during services. It also works to prepare the annual budget that is     presented to the voters.

How does this ministry fulfill God's will?
    God gifts different people in different ways. The Stewardship Board serves to     encourage members of the congregation toward faithful use of their gifts in     service to God and the world around us.

How does Stewardship meet the needs of the congregation and the surrounding community?
    The Stewardship Board develops the budgetary framework the congregation     works in each year. It also tracks and reports the giving efforts of the     congregation.

What talents or abilities do we look for in potential members of Stewardship?
    The Stewardship Board is open to all who wish to serve.

When and where does Stewardship meet?
    Generally, the 3rd Tuesday of each month. The board does not typically meet     during summer months. Meetings are held at the church.

What projects are we currently working on for Stewardship?
    None at the present.

How does this ministry fulfill the mission of St. Paul Lutheran Church?
    Faithful stewardship of all gifts is needed to carry out the mission.