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At St. Paul, ministries are the bread and butter of our operations.  Whether it is worship, youth activities, or a form of outreach, each ministry plays a vital role in our identity and fulfillment of God's will.  Our faith is a multi-faceted operation and requires a multitude of moving parts in order to effectively carry out God's mission for us.

It takes a village to carry out effective ministries for our congregation, community, and world.  Please prayerfully consider what ministries may be a good fit for your time, talents, and resources.  Through our combined efforts, we will be able to spread God's word and love to all of his Creation.  If you have any further questions about our different ministries, reach out to us through our "Connect" page.

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Music Ministry

Martin Luther once said, "Next to the Word of God, the noble art of music is the greatest treasure in the world."  At St. Paul, we share that same sentiment.  During our worship services, we sing unified praises to God.  Additionally, you can be a part of our Joyful Ringers, choir, and additional opportunities for musical enhancement of our services.

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Youth Ministry

Youth are a vital part of the congregation and can be an example for us all.  In order to ensure that they develop a loving, personal relationship with God, we offer a variety of opportunities for youth.  Youth of all ages can participate in various social, educational, and multi-generational activities.  Whether it be a service project, a game night, or the National Youth Gathering there is something for all youth at St. Paul.

Christian Service Ministry

Christian Service includes helping those in need within our congregation.  It is important to support one another with God's love and help those who have hit a rough patch.  By helping support the welfare and health of our congregation, we hope to strengthen the other ministries at St. Paul.  Most importantly, we make sure that everyone knows of God's love, even through their struggles.

Stewardship Ministry

The Board of Stewardship equips the congregation to most effectively use our time, talent, and resources.  When each of us contributes in our own unique way, we are able to most effectively accomplish God's will for us.  By joining the Board of Stewardship, you will be able to help monitor and maximize the ways members contribute to our mission.

Worship Ministry

Worship is one of our most vital ministries.  In addition to being an opportunity for praise and learning, Worship is our chance to receive the forgiveness of sins through Holy Communion.  Upon entering our building, you will be warmly welcomed by our Greeters, provided with a bulletin by our Ushers, and then you can pick a spot to sit.  After our time of unified song and praise, you are welcome to join us for a time of refreshments and fellowship.

Evangelism Ministry

Jesus Christ set an example by taking the role of a servant.  Just as Jesus washed his disciples' feet, we too must show God's love by assisting those around us.  Evangelism is a congregational effort to meet the needs of the community so that people will come to know God through our love and compassion towards others.

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Education Ministry

Every member of St. Paul and every guest has many opportunities for education.  Kids of all ages have opportunities to learn through Worship, Sunday School, Adult Bible Studies, Multi-Generational Bible Studies, and Youth Bible Studies.  During the summer we also offer Vacation Bible School.  We also look for opportunities to continue learning through guest speakers and field trips.

Women's Ministry

St. Paul is fortunate enough to have multiple women's ministries.  The LWML, or Lutheran Women's Missionary League, is a global organization of women that support mission work through volunteering, projects, and financial donations.  The Women's Guild meets on the 1st Thursday of the month and we also boast a Women's Bible Study on Tuesday mornings!

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