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OUR Resources


OUR Resources

Below you will find a number of resources for your use.  If you can't make it to church this week, you can still listen to our worship services!  You can follow along with a copy of our Bulletin.  If you opt to go paperless for our monthly newsletter, the Clarion, you can easily access it right here.  Additionally, you can find our volunteer schedule below so that you will know when you are scheduled to greet, read scripture, be an usher, etc.

Newsletter &
Panther Proclaimer

The Clarion, our monthly newsletter, will keep you up to date on our latest happenings!

Take a look at our bulletin to see this week's worship service, announcements, etc.

Volunteer Schedule & Month's Calendar

Our monthly volunteer schedule and calendar is a tool to help you remember when you serve!


Every week, we publish a new devotional called The Thursday Thought.  Check them out!

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