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Special Announcements

These announcements can also be found in the bulletin, handed out at every church service. If you would like a PDF copy, please reach out to to receive an email copy.

- Please join our JOYFUL JOURNEY Saturday morning, April 13th at 8:30 at St. John's., Homestead. Brunch at 9 will be followed by a Bible Study on Joy led by Rev. Pruess of Trinity, Ottumwa. If you wish, you may bring gas gift cards/cash to be given to families who have a loved one at University Hospital. You will also have the opportunity to color greeting cards to accompany the gas cards. 

- LIS is excited to announce that Mr. Bill Sitas has accepted our call to be our next Principal beginning with the 2024-2025 school year. With Mr. Sitas taking the Principal position, we are looking for two teachers: a 2nd grade teacher and a 4th grade teacher. The Staff and Curriculum committee is seeking names for teacher candidates. Names can be submitted to a Board of Directors member or to Mr. Mark Grewe. Thanks!

- Voters meeting on April 21st after the worship service.

- PHOTOGRAPHER NEEDED! We are looking for someone to take pictures of our Confirmation class on May 5th. If you or someone you know might be interested, please contact the church office.

- PLEASE NOTICE: Sunday worship services will be at 9:00am starting on Palm Sunday, March 24th.

The evangelism committee is once again excited to announce our sponsorship of Meals from the Heartland meal packaging event. This year’s event will take place on Saturday June 1st at LIS. We will be asking for the congregation’s and community’s support both in volunteering to help pack meals, and financial donations. Our goal this year is to pack 30,000 meals and our financial goal is $8,700. Please prayerfully consider supporting this effort to help feed the hungry across the world, we hope to see you in person on Saturday June 1st!

- Confirmation will be on Sunday, May 5th with the questioning during the service.

- Its time again to decide where you would like your Thrivent Choice Dollars designated to — call 1-800-847-4836, say “Choice Dollars” or listen to the options and it’s #6, then press 1.Then let them know where you want your Choice Dollars to go. They need to be designated before March 31st.

- Altar Guild—The flower calendar is ready for you to sign up for flowers on the Altar. If you have a special occasion or just because, sign up soon so you can get the date you would like. No flowers are needed during Lent, although if you wish to provide flowers during this time, they will be put on the altar.

- Highlighted Birthdays and Anniversaries for April. We highlight children’s, decade, and 80+ birthdays. We highlight 1st year, each 5 years, and 50+ years wedding anniversaries. Please let us know if you would like other birthdays and anniversaries added to the highlighted list. Complete lists of birthdays and anniversaries are posted on the
bulletin board at the west entrance.

Apr 1 – Karen Joseph, 83 
Apr 3 – Lillian Long, 6
Apr 3 – Samantha Loy, 10
Apr 3 – Denny & Carmen Van Dee, 20th

Apr 3 - Deanne Mumm, 56
Apr 5 – Wyatt Hinrichs, 5
Apr 5 – Grayson Wardenburg, 7
Apr 6 – Eileen Hakeman, 83
Apr 8 – Marian Tanke, 93
Apr 9 – Kevin & Kay Garringer, 30th

Apr 12 – Merlyn Huedepohl, 80
Apr 12 – Nancy Shifflett, 79
Apr 14 – Dustin Schlesselman, 40
Apr 17 – Wayne Wardenburg, 87
Apr 20 – Baylee Hartman, 8
Apr 21 – Laurel Timm, 4
Apr 22 – Norman Grimm, 92
Apr 25 – Liam Roggentien, 12
Apr 27 – Elery Hinrichsen, 16
Apr 27 – Janice Wiebold, 87
Apr 28 – Jacob Rowe, 40
Apr 30 – Jacob Wichmann, 8
Apr 30 – Lois Bair, 76

- Those in need of prayers or who are sick or in hospital:
Emma Mae Campbell
Pastor Stuart Rethwisch
Douglas Furler (Brother of Russell Furler)
Kim Kempf (daughter of Michael & Cheryl Feldman)
Alyssa Perry (Daughter of Barry & Lori Kahler)
Mellissa Zuber

- Register your child in LIS Preschool - 8th Grade Students (Registration accepted on a first-come/first-
serve basis.) 
Utilizing the date listed parents can come to LIS to register your child any time during the school hours of 8:00 am-3:30 pm. If school is delayed or closed, LIS will adjust the hours according to the announcement on KCRG. PLEASE NOTICE: February 27th: Registration open to the public.

- If you are interested in getting "The Lutheran Witness", it is now time to renew your yearly subscription starting July 2024. Cost is $20.65 with a deadline of May 2nd. Check out the West bulletin board to sign up.

A message from: Pastor Schulz

Joy and peace to you in the name of our Savior Jesus!

My name is Pastor Steve Schulz and I currently serve our Lord in LCMS Mission Advancement at Mission Central in Mapleton, Iowa. Pastor Jordon Andreasen is preparing to head out to the foreign mission field in Romania this summer. Jordon's dad, Phill, served as the pastor at St. Paul's, Williamsburg for many years, and Jordon has indicated that he has a personal "connection" with the congregation, or with individual members of the congregation. So, we thought you may be interested in learning more about the important work that Jordon will be doing in Romania. I had the privilege of meeting Jordon and his family a few weeks ago when they were visiting us here at Mission Central.

I have attached an "adoption agreement" that will give you a brief summary of the mission work to which Jordon has been called through the Office of International Mission. If your congregation (or individual members) would like to "adopt" him as their own personal missionary, that would be great. Please keep Jordon and his family in your prayers and in the Prayer of the Church because Satan certainly doesn't want anybody going to the mission field to tell people about Jesus!


If you would like to be added to their regular newsletter recipient list, just let Jordon know and he will be sure to do that for you. All of our missionaries send out a monthly email newsletter to give their supporters a regular update on all the exciting things our Lord is doing on His mission field. Mission Central exists to raise mission awareness among the congregations and members of the LCMS and to provide opportunities for them to establish personal relationships with our missionaries serving on the field. Everything the Church does, including sending missionaries, is funded by the voluntary gifts of God's people. The majority of missionary funding no longer comes from the Sunday morning offering plate but through direct support. This shift is a very GOOD thing for the Church, because people now have the opportunity to be personally connected and involved in foreign missions and stay up to date on the important work that our Lord Jesus is doing around the world!


If you have any questions or would like more information about any of our LCMS missionaries, just let me know. After all, I'm here to serve. I trust that our Lord Jesus will richly bless you during this season of Lent, as He continues to fill your life with His presence and His peace.

Serving with you in the Savior's service,
Pastor Steve Schulz
Mission Central

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