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Giving is an act of worship; not an obligation or duty. Giving is a joyful expression of thankfulness to God for the blessings He has given us.

In Person

Every service, an offering is collected. We encourage you to give as you are able so that we can sustain and support the mission of St. Paul. Each member receives an assigned number to help our Stewardship Committee track members' giving.


If you would like to leave an enduring donation to the church's endowment fund, please contact the church office and they will make sure that everything is communicated to the Endowment Board. Your funds will then be invested so that there is long-lasting support for the mission of St. Paul.


Coming soon!

Joyful Response

Joyful Response is a program through the Lutheran Church Extension Fund. By completing this form, you can set up recurring donations that are automatically withdrawn from your bank account. There are no fees associated with this option.

*Please print and fill out the form and give to a church office member.

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