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The teachings of christianity

This class will focus on the basic teachings of Christianity as confessed by the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod. This class is for potential new members and all current members who would like to learn more about the basic teachings of Christianity according to our Lutheran Confession. Upon completion of the course, nonmembers will have the opportunity to become members of St. Paul!

what you'll need

For this class, we use the ESV version of the Bible for all of Scripture. The Book of Concord will be our "anchor text" to keep us grounded in how Lutherans speak about the basics of Christianity along with Luther's Small Catechism.

If you need one or both of these books, please contact the church office and we will assist you.


Lesson 1 

God: Natural and Revealed Knowledge

Who is God? How can we know God? What can we say about the Triune God?

If there is a God, can we prove He exists? If God exists, how do we speak about Him? How do we come to know God? If God is almighty, why is there suffering and evil in the world? Many questions about God have been asked throughout the history of mankind. Do we have all the answers to questions about God? Where do we go for the answers and how do we know what's true?

Lesson 1 Video

Lesson 2

The Bible: God's Word

What is the Bible? Who wrote the Bible? What about all the different versions of the Bible? How can we trust the Bible if men wrote it? What is the purpose of the Bible?

Does it matter whether The New Testament documents are reliable or not? Is it so very important that we should be able to accept them as truly historical records? Where does the Church of the New Testament find this Word of the Apostles with certainty?

Lesson 2 Video

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