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St. Paul Lutheran Church isn't just a building - it is a living, breathing, evolving body of believers.  Every person who walks through our doors belongs to the body of Christ and has a place waiting for them at St. Paul.  When someone, young or old, is welcomed to our congregation, our congregation's identity changes. We each fit into and contribute to our congregation in a special way, much like a bunch of unique puzzle pieces that come together to form a beautiful picture.  We encourage you to explore the ways that you could join this body of believers and help us continue to grow in God's grace.

Due to the rise in COVID-19 cases in our county and state and in light of the encouragement of Governor Reynolds, the Board of Elders and Pastor Ogilvie request that people wear masks for worship services in the coming weeks. We ask this in hopes of assuring that we are able to continue to gather together for services regularly and not have to place restrictions on our services. Thank you.


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